Sandy Plunkett, Graphic Artist, Pizza Lover

I’ve known Sandy Plunket for a number of years as one of the most proficient and gifted graphic artists of our time. Luckily for me, he lives nearby. I see him every Saturday morning going to get the New York Times as I’m finishing up my baking retinue. Last year I got up the nerve to ask him to document the changing landscape and burgening strip of plastic restaurants sprouting up on the east side of my town of Athens, Ohio, as well as my own small business life at Avalanche Pizza.

I gave him complete artistic freedom to depict me, my business and anyone in my town as he sees fit. ((GULP!!)) Yes, that’s me as Mr. Abacus, the greedy, cantankerous wolf-like small business owner…enough said.

Now Sandy has come out with a new graphic novel that has received rave reviews. “The World of a Wayword Comic Book Artist.”

I am proud to show you the first 16 segments of “Harold Mitty, Pizza Boy.”

It is all true. Please keep the screen pointed away from small children and animals and then
click on the image to the right to begin your journey.

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