Kids Love Making Pizza!

Dear Parents,

Are you tired of being cooped up inside with the kids, because of winter storms and closed schools? I’ve got just the activity that doesn’t involve screens, video games, kids poking each other in the eye or reenacting whole Seinfeld episodes. It’s making pizza!


After almost 10 years of making a fool of myself for hundreds of kids at my pizzeria, I’ve found the one thing that kids love more than eating pizza. Making it! It gives kids the chance at empowerment in the one realm that they usually have no control over: the lunches and dinners are usually made for them. You will love the awesome look of pride on your kid’s face as you say “Hey, little Jimmy, your pizza looks absolutely…er…fabulous!”

Beware this activity may become addictive. Now, eat your broccoli.

10-20-09_Pizza_066 10-20-09_Pizza_072

My kids beg me to make pizza every week. Here is some of the fun we have.

Let’s start with the plan.

1. Either obtain some pizza dough from your (local) pizza place or make your own with my easy pizza recipe. If you’ve chosen to cop some pizza dough from a pizza place you will have to use a strategy, as lots of places are reluctant sell pizza dough. They want to sell you finished pizza. Call and tell them this: “I have a special diet and need to pick up 2 small  (7-10 ounce) dough balls for my kids.” Before they have a chance to tell you “No,” say: “There’s five bucks in it for you.” Now go pick it up.

2. Preheat an upturned heavy cookie sheet to 450 degrees on the middle oven shelf.

3. Follow the instructions for forming dough in the easy pizza dough recipe and top it with anything you kids want.

Be sure to make one for yourself, unless you want to share in some bizarre combo like Cheetos, M&Ms, Velveeta, spinach and hot dogs (Yeeeeuuuuuk).

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