Groovin’ with a few pies at Avalanche

Sometimes I get asked why I am not as prolific as the other pizza bloggers. The answer is that I am usually too busy doing… well, just check out the video.

Opening scene. A normally busy night at Avalanche Pizza as we pump out a few of the thousands of pies we make each year.

The players  (in order of appearance) Venetian thin crust and natural casing pepperoni, The Godzilla, Pepperoni trio, Veggie Rainbow and Ian’s tattoo and Joel Fair, our great G.M. with a boatload of tickets.

Thanks to Joel, Ian and Chris for this video.

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4 Responses to “Groovin’ with a few pies at Avalanche”

  1. UltraPizza says:

    nice and bieautiful pizzas !

  2. This pizza is very good for health, their is not much cheese in it, easy to prepare.

  3. Schoeffler says:

    a friend recommend this to me, glad he did

  4. John says:

    Thank you very much Schoettler.

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