Champion Pizza Acrobats of the U.S.A.

During the 2010 World Pizza Championships in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy, our team had four fabulous pizza acrobats  selected to compete against the world.

The story of our 2010 acrobats started a long way from my small town of Athens, Ohio. Where, you ask? The acrobatic drama started on the mean streets of Naples. Several other team members went down to check out real Neapolitan pizza from some of the oldest pizzerias in Italy. Unfortunately, some of these pizzeria are located in less than desirable neighborhoods. As these guys were leaving one pizzeria, they looked down at several bums, heads down, sitting with their feet in the gutter, shoving slices of pizza in their mouths and said, “Man, this town really needs to be cleaned up, look at those bums.”

Just then the bums looked up and were recognized as our acrobatic team! When asked about the rumors of rampant crime in the city, they said “No one’s bothered us.”

Two of these acrobats surely didn’t end up in the gutter. They reached the finals and beyond; Jamie Culliston and Eric Corbin, Both from Gramaldi’s Pizzeria in Tuscon.

This is what they did in the finals. First we will watch Eric Corbin (Do try this at home kids.)

Now for Jamie Culliston:

These guys are true pizza men who are proud to work day to day with pizza. Many thanks to Grimaldi’s for getting them to Italy. Here are the interviews with these guys at the award ceremony.

Here is Jamie.

Many thanks to all my team mates on the World Pizza Champions. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be on the World Pizza Champions acrobatic team just try out during the World Pizza Games held the largest and best pizza convention in the world, The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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