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Bakesgiving for United Appeal

Wow!  That’s all I have to say about this years bake-fest to benefit United Appeal of Athens County. I am so thankful for all the people who came out from 5:30 a.m. until noon to buy our bread products.  By our unofficial count, Avalanche Pizza raised over $2500 from the people of Athens on Thanksgiving day.

John Dillon, (left), United Appeal Board member and AFSCME Union President, came in at 3 a.m. and formed a monstrous amount of spelt rolls. Randy Davis (right) became adept at forming ciabatta, egg-washing croissants, proofing ciabatta and together, he and John even made some pizzas.

Aaron Thomas, United Appeal Board President, did the dirtiest job of washing hundreds of trays that had piled up over the night. He took time away from his business, Class A Sounds, to help in this great cause.

Even got the sheriff’s department came by to show their support. Is it me, or does Aaron (middle) look like he’s been cuffed?

Joel Fair, Patty Nally and Danny McVicker volunteered to work through the night to produce some great baked goods. Patty nailed her fabulous croissants and even the stuffed croissants filled with nutella, pecans and bananas. Joel and Patty did a great job making croissants, baguettes, ciabatta and baking over 500 loaves.

A special shout out goes to Chris and Angie Pyle, who donated coffee for us, and to Constantine Faller, who donated cheese to be sold. Robin Barnes of Power 105 F.M. was spectacular for getting the word out, along with all the fine folks at the Athens News. Starline Organics donated vegetables. We used Harmony Hollow ham in some of the fougasse.

If you see this man, hold him (please use bailing wire.) He is my dad, Tom Gutekanst. He played a major role in what he called “testing the product,” which entailed consuming at least 17 cheese-topped croissants while exclaiming “This better be imported Brie!”  Then he ran off through the darkness.

Here are a few sights of this year’s bake for United Appeal of Athens County. Here’s a video of a burnt out middle aged freak who, despite his goonish appearance and spacy presentation, can still handle baking all night (barely).

See you next year!

Bakesgiving for Our Athens Community

At 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning, Avalanche Pizza had a line out the door, as the people of this community showed their support for a great cause. When I looked at these just-awakened bread buyers standing in the drizzle, I said, “Crap! I forgot the coffee!” Regardless, we baked breads through sunrise and into the afternoon until we ran out at noon.

This is Avalanche Pizza’s third year of baking for Thanksgiving  to benefit United Appeal of Athens County. All the proceeds of the 500-plus loaves of bread and rolls will go to support this non profit. Athens County is poor, the food pantries are barren and the charitable organizations are stretched to the limit. Funds are so low in our  area that even the Athens Library is now closed on Mondays because of State mandated cuts. Luckily, some awesome neighbors stepped up to donate over $2000 to a good cause.

Someone who continually helps those in need is Pam Harvey, executive director of United Appeal. She directs UA’s assistance to these local agencies; Athens County Food Pantry, American Red Cross, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Appalacian Community Hospice and Appalacian Visiting Nurses, Family Healthcare Service, The Gathering Place, Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, HAVAR Inc., Retired Seniors Program, Athens County Mental Health and Counseling Program, Housing for Athens Seniors Program, and the Athens County 211 Program.

Pam and United Appeal board member Aaron Thomas (shout out to his awesome business, Class A Sounds) helped us bake the night away the night before. Robin Barnes from Power 105 reminded people all morning of the bread sale, which increased traffic tremendously.

My General Manager Joel Fair was, as usual, the bread baking afficionado who cranked the ovens up and didn’t miss a beat. Patty Nally came in extra early to add her expertise to all the breads and was there for the point of sale.

I am proud to be a member of a community that showed so much support, especially in these trying finacial times. Thank you to all who contributed.