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International Pizza Expo 2012

Just last week, Joel Fair, Levi Myers and I decended upon Las Vegas to attend and compete at the International Pizza Expo. What a fabulous show (as usual, the best in the World!) We brought with us some fresh spelt flour from Shagbark Seed and Milling to give the pizza judges a taste of Ohio. Thanks to Brandon Jeager and Michelle Ajamian for milling this fab stuff for us.

We won Best Non-Traditional pizza in the Midwest and placed 3rd in the World!  All the pizza greats were there as well as a huge amount of chefs. The pizza challenge was fabuously run by Sean and Jackie Brauser and all the guys from Romeo’s!

 Here are some photo’s an pizzas from this fabulous event…and from what I remember, the Bellagio Casino still has my money.