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The Incredible, Edible Mozza-Paw Egg

late summer 2014 189ii

Paw paws are not only the official fruit of Ohio but are also spectacularly flavorful in the few weeks of maturity here in the Southeastern corner of this “Buckeye” State.  Its this time of year that I find myself entombed in a broadleaf jungle of a massive paw paw patch looking up at a pair of testicular-shaped beauties and making a decision to either bend, shake or just grab, (Now, I know what you’re thinking- that’s disgusting you sicko!)

late summer 2014 209ii late summer 2014 205ii

You see, the paw paw trees that bear fruit are the medium sized ones that can usually be bent over, but some paw paws hang so high that you have to shake. Here is my son and I in a patch this year.


My intention weeks ago was to make a paw paw pizza, (Next blog entry) but I wanted to do something erratic, or if you will, out of the ordinary and since we were doing some fresh mozzarella fabrication, I thought an egg was an appropriate topping for said pizza. So here it is, but first another video about getting the flesh from the paw paw that some of you mere mortals may find annoying.



So, now that we have the custardy goodness in the bowl, its time for the “yolk” for my egg. Remember, that the ‘Vitamin C” I referred to is ascorbic acid in the form of lemon juice. This will keep the paw paw custard from turning brown.


late summer 2014 125ii late summer 2014 127ii late summer 2014 135ii late summer 2014 137ii

First take a hemispheric mold and fill as many half circles as you will need and place in the freezer. When frozen solid warm your finger under hot running water then rub the top of each half circle to melt some of the paw paw filling for cohesion with another. Place atop another half circle.


late summer 2014 139ii late summer 2014 140ii late summer 2014 141ii late summer 2014 144ii

Take both out of the mold and place in a square of plastic wrap and gently press together. The paw paw will melt quickly so you must work fast and get on ice fast.

late summer 2014 232ii late summer 2014 235ii late summer 2014 247ii late summer 2014 249ii

When the paw paw yolk is frozen, start the fresh mozzarella in the fashion of my previous blog post. Use only enough fresh curd as you will need. Heat the fresh curd and form and place in your hand. Quickly place the paw paw yolk in the center of the melting mozzarella and close the edges quickly. Even more quickly form the  mozzarella into an egg shape. Here I used a baking form pan to roll the mozzarella into shape. Place in ice bath quickly to set.

late summer 2014 187ii late summer 2014 184ii

When you are ready to place on a pizza, bring to room temperature, slice and place on a pizza. The yolk will melt out beautifully and people will think you’re utterly insane…until they eat this ‘gnad-pumping egg! late summer 2014 269ii Next on Pizza Goon, a real killer paw paw pizza!

Fabulous Local Cheeses from Integration Acres

Chris Chmiel and his wife Michelle Gorman are self-starters. They are the living, breathing examples of sustainability and have created value from practically nothing. By using hard work, tenaciousness and old-world craftsmanship, they’ve turned the milk from their goats into some of the best cheeses on the planet.


Michelle and Chris have also rescued a long-forgotton Ohio fruit which used to rot on the ground and transformed it into a much sought-after culinary treat. Oh, and in their free time, they were also were sucessful in getting the State of Ohio to name the paw-paw the State fruit!


 The cheese aging room holds a treasure-trove of a delicious variety of cheese. My son Jake loves his paw-paw blueberry pop.

Chris and Michelle are the owners of Integration Acres and their cheeses were in one of my first blog entries. Their goat feta was also highlighted in a wine-pairing finalist in the Wine Spectator Video Contest that also featured Jorma Kaukenon who was gracious enought to create a magnificent guitar soundtack. It was during this time that I learned, (the hard way), never to let a goat near my crotch.


Just like in the Parma region of Italy, Chris feeds the whey from cheesemaking to his lucky pigs. Is Prosciutto di Albany on the way?

Today, I visited Integration Acres again and got a first-hand look of true cheese artisans at work. The cheeses produced here range from a Tomme, to Gouda, Cheddar, Blue, Chevre, Feta to Romano. This is all done in small batches, much like the European cheesemakers of old and it blew me away!

Here is the video journal of my visit.

My next entry will include some pizzas using some chevre, Griffins Dream and the Blue cheese featured here. (although, they are beckoning me right now…)