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The Agamemnon — Now That’s a Big Pie!

So, there I was. I cooked a pizza for my youngest son’s Valentine’s celebration at pre-school. As I took it to my four-door Nissan sedan, I realized I could not get it in. “Damn Agamemnon,” I said.

Pizza is not only the subject of my blog, but it is my life: traditional, Italian, French, Turkish, Lebanese and even Chinese pizza. I love the fact that I can support my family creating pizza and stuffed breads for my customers using grains, cheeses, cheese and protein from far away or just down the street.

That said, the bulk of the pizzas my company created last year are made in pans, the old fashioned way. They contain combinations using our organic pizza sauce on the 30 specialty pies on my menu or any funky combinations from the 53 toppings on our list. This year, my General Manager Joel Fair and I wanted to make something big.

Enter Agamemnon.  Here Joel makes one here from scratch for you.

I initaially put a bounty on the best name for this 28-inch pizza, but after two weeks and names like the “Osama Bin Laden” and the “Your Mom” (which I thought was very witty), I decided to name it after a Greek General killed by his wife.

Now it’s time to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat….

A Year in the Pizza Life, 2010 (Part 2)

Here are some more pictures of people, places and pizza from my life in Athens, Ohio and around the world, 2010. I hope you enjoy them.

Four different types of schiacciata, all delicious

Team acrobatics during the World Pizza Championships

Local freshwater scampi pizza

Bruno di Fabio with his pizza that won "Best of" at Pizza Expo

Domenico Crolla's Chanterelle pizza (I couldn't just let it sit there)

Italian pizza competitors, World Pizza Championships

chorizo pizzaii 031

Chorizo Pizza

joe carluccij 002

Joe Carlucci, winner of 2010 Pizza Pizzaz at the North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show, Columbus, Ohio

Stuffed spingtime fougasse with Amish asparagus, mustard, ricotta, pistachio

Chicken Yakitori Pizza


The Goon preparing six appetizers in the Heinz Beck Trophy competition, Italy

Pizza romana in Rome, Italy


Kids love pizza, and the Goon loves being very, very uncool!

Tomato and squash fresh from the field (note the floured pizza shoe)

Where we stayed in Positano, Italy

Loads of Turkish-style Pide (Pi-DAY)

Eric Corbin, expert pizza acrobat (Placed third in the world with a broken foot)

Mid-summer organic schiacciata

Late fall meaball pizza with Alto Cucina tomatoes, basil and local chorizo-peppered bacon meatballs

The Goon and his soldiers foraging for woodland edibles

A boat-load of Amish aspargus fresh from the field

Bruno and an Italian autograph seeker, World Pizza Competition (Nice shirt)

Local ham and bacon bialy with cilantro and aged cheddar

The winning pizza (pre oven) at the International Pizza Challenge

Joel Fair, General Manager of Avalanche Pizza, with his curry fougasse

Pizza a due chef at the World Pizza Championship

Three Sisters pizza (Yes it's cooked; the light was tremendous)

Me and Gigi, my Italian pizza oven judge

Giuseppe with our "Alici Marinati" or marinated anchovies, Positano, Italy

Probably the greatest pizza chef in the world, Tony Gemignani

Big ass bread, my Flinstone Wheel

Pete Shew from Shews Orchard with late season persimmons

Springtime aspargus and prosciutto pizza (With a nod to Tony Gemignani)

What a small-time pizza guy sees when he looks down.