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Spinach Schiacciata with Crust of Jeruselem Artichoke, Bacon, Cilantro and Ancho Chili

Last week I made a batch of bread and filled the dough with King Family Farms Bacon, Patterson ancho chili’s, fresh cilantro and some gnarly Jeruselem artichokes, (sunchokes,) that one of my favorite organic farmers, Ed Perkins dug up for me. I was proud to create a bread like this with such stellar local ingredients grown by great people.


I cut the ancho peppers and added them to a pan with whole strips of bacon and passed them through my 475 degree pizza oven for nine minutes, then I added the sunchokes for another nine minutes after cutting them in large chunks and holding them in lemon water so they wouldn’t turn brown. I had to be careful to not cook the chokes too much or they would turn to mush.

Photo: 3 am and the first of many stellar Jerusalem artichoke, ancho chili, cilantro and bacon fougasse are poppin'  see ya tomorrow!

The fougasse I made after letting this dough mature for 26 hours. I then egg washed the dough, cut and formed the dough and let it proof for another hour before firing it up in my conveyor pizza ovens while smiling my fleshy, old man smile as these beauties came out,  (above.)


For my pizza lunch, I cut a nine-ounce piece of the dough right after mixing and let it proof in a ball for two hours, (really not enough time for a great dough, but I had mixed 30 pecent flour with a 70 percent pre-ferment so it was maturing fast.) I pressed the dough out gently into a a football shaped schiacciata, (literally means, “flattened” in Italian) then topped it with a light coating of San Marzano tomato sauce, baby spinach and extra virgin olive oil. I baked it in a 475 degree oven for 12 minutes and…


This is what the leapording looked like on the bottom. The cell structure in the dough is small but irregular and because it is so young, the gluten has yet to wrap around the incorporated ingredients.

The oil from the bacon and chilies takes more than twenty four hours to get integrated into the dough, otherwise it looks like this, (above.) Although it wasn’t an “Epic Fail,” it could have been a much more mature integrated pizza dough.

I gobbled it up with glee nonetheless. The feeling of expectation when I bite into a pizza crust that is filled with chilies, sunchokes, cilantro and bacon is enough to make me happy for at least a few hours until the next small business crisis occurs.



The Purple People Eater (Chipotle, Blueberry and Bacon)

Want a nice spicy and sweet pizza with all the lusciousness of melting cheese curd, salty and fatty bacon cut with the welcoming bitterness of raddichio del Traviso?

Then here it is-just in time for the snows of January.

I sell an amazing amount of this combination on the weekends at the Avalanche Pizza shoppe at the Athens Farmers Market and sometimes combine it with gorgonzola, (when I’m feeling aggressive,) or I sometimes use dried cherries with the chipotle onion. My favorite way to cook it is as a stuffed bread. I’ll fold the bread in a football shape, fill it with the filling and top it with cilantro and aged cheddar then roll it up into a batard shape and slit the top. When it is pulled from the oven it looks like a belly that has been…slit. I call it the Mexican Cartel Snitch Bread.


Above is the batch I did this weekend. I formed some smallish local spelt schiacciata with asiago, fresh spinach and the chipolte-onion-bluberry mix then added fresh curd afterwards.


1 dough ball from Easy Dough Recipe

1 medium to large onion

three chipotle peppers from a can with adobo sauce

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 cup dried blueberry

5-8 leaves of raddichio del Traviso (regular raddichio will do in a pinch) slice thin or thick depending on what you like.

1 rasher of thick cut bacon cut into thin batons

5-7 ounces of fresh curd torn into chunks

preheat the oven to 450 degrees with a heavy upturned cookie sheet on the middle shelf.


Toss onions with olive oil in oven proof pan. Tear the chipotle peppers up and add to the pan with a small amount of adobo sauce (1 tbspn.) Heat in the oven for 12 to 16 minutes tossing halfway to incorporate flavors. Remove from oven and toss dried blueberries then put back in oven for 5 minutes until onions are limp. Remove and toss again then put into a small container and cover to let the blueberries rehydrate with the steam.


Take one dough ball from the Easy Dough Recipe and form a disc. Place either on parchment or a pizza screen the chipotle mix on the dough then place the sliced raddichio, the bacon then the fresh curd. Bake for 12 to 16 minutes or call a professional like Joel Fair (below) and he’ll come by and cook it for you!