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Bride of Wonderboy; Simply Disgust-a-licous!

      The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.  ~George Miller

So, what would you name a pizza with a crust stuffed with hot dogs and mustard, then slather mac and cheese all over as a sauce, then add cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, beef, bacon, onion, tomato, dill pickles, french fries and ketchup. I found that “Bride of Wonderboy” fit the bill nicely. The original “Wonderboy” just got a little old without the mac and cheese sauce. (I must give credit to Mark Mizer, the President of RDP Foodservice for first turning me on to a mac and cheese sauce.)

 When I first pulled a prototype of this monster pizza out of my oven, it smelled like every fast food joint I’ve ever been to. I smiled and said to my General Manager “This is disgustingly…attractive, but I don’t think anyone is sick enough to order this.”   I was wrong; not just a little wrong. I was as wrong as  Napoleon at Waterloo, or Davey Crockett at the Alamo, or anyone who thought Beta Max tapes were the wave of the future.                          


So, It’s been almost 2 years now since the first culinary abomination appeared at my store. My General Manager, Joel Fair has become the Bride of Wonderboy expert, (especially after midnight-where a lot of the Wonderboy volume occurs.)


                                     Corey, Elliott and Levi tried to devour the Bride here. Who do you think won?

It was with this in mind that we hosted a small Bride of Wonderboy eating contest with three employees to gauge what time anyone could eat this monster in. Elliot, Levi and Cory really slammed a lot of food but only one was victorious.


Do you trust this man to disgust you and your family properly with a four pound pizza? Joel Fair is the master of the ‘Bride.’


 Here is the Video:                                  

Anyone squeemish about people eating massive amounts of nitrates, cheese, corporate meats and potatoes should NOT watch this video.
Levi Meyer won at a World Record time of 59 minutes and 47 seconds, (No kidding…Oh yea, you think you can do better? We’ll supply the bucket.) Levi will now get his picture on our wall of Wonderboy for all his efforts.

Operation Pizza Delivery

Back in October I used this pizza blog to write about sending some Athens Ohio pizza to the hungry Army guys from the 101st Airborne for their last night in the States. I’m proud and humbled that they chose Avalanche as their pizza of choice. A special thanks again for Diagnostic Hybrids and Belle Cancellare who, without hesitation, packed up the pizzas and sent them to Fort Riley, Kansas.

The guys just sent me this thank you poster and note. All of these soldiers are now serving in Afghanistan. Let’s hope they all stay safe and come home soon.

Team Orthus

pizza for army guys

I used this pizza blog to write about sending some
Athens Ohio pizza to the hungry Army