Huffington Post- Avalanche Top Locavore Restaurant in Nation

The Huffington Post has placed Avalanche Pizza on its list of top local restaurants and locavore cities. Thanks to all our customers and readers of Pizza Goon for their support of our mission to make the best pizza ever. I also thank the people who made it all happen, our staff.

organic pizza al taglio (by the cut)

chicago 2008 & bread 272 hilton head and farmers market 369

june 072

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2 Responses to “Huffington Post- Avalanche Top Locavore Restaurant in Nation”

  1. Cathy Gutekanst says:

    John Gutekanst is the best! We love him!

  2. Ho damn! That looks so delicious. I can’t wait to go back to Farmer’s Market, but I’m running out of dough (ick) to spend there. Great food…Damn…hungry…I’m sorry. I love the pictures though! Gorgeous!

    And by the way, “Cicadas love Avalanche” still cracks me up at 2am sometimes.

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