Avalanche introduces Local Spelt



Pizzeria introduces local spelt wheat crust

October 28, 2010

Athens, Ohio.  Avalanche Pizza Bakers is the first pizzeria in the nation to introduce a pizza crust made from local Amish spelt grown in fields less than 20 miles from the pizzeria. This new crust is the result of collaboration with a new milling company and has made it possible to offer a local alternative to regular pizza crust.

 “Just five months ago, these grains brushed against me as I walked through the field,” said John Gutekanst, Owner of Avalanche. “Now it’s evolved into this fresh, nutritious and nutty bread which is simply amazing, we’ve sold over 400 pounds of this in just 10 days.” He added, “Whole wheat crust has been on our menu for over 6 years but this tastes better.” John added “This grain is also higher in fiber and B vitamins, has more protein than wheat.  It’s been around since 5000 B.C. and is even mentioned in the bible.”

Shagbark Seed and Milling Company is run by Michelle Ajamian and Brandon Jaeger who help local farmers plan, plant, grow and distribute the local spelt. The Avalanche spelt is grown and harvested by Amish farmers in Chesterhill, Ohio, and then threshed, de-hulled and ground into flour. At Avalanche, it is now offered as a crust option with any pizza and is a major component in the numerous breads they sell.

Gutekanst says, “Shagbark is perfect fit here because this is the poorest county in Ohio. They’ve given me the opportunity to be closer to my food source, help farmers and keep money in the local community; that makes all the difference in the world.”

Brandon says, “Our goal is to create a sustainable cycle of highly nutritional products grown by local farmers, milled by our company then sold to local businesses, this creates win-win situation for everyone. As evidence, all you have to do is taste the new crust that John bakes.”

More at http://pizzagoon.com/uncategorized/local-spelt-pizza-crust/Avalanche Pizza Bakers is an 8-time winner of national and International pizza awards including the coveted “Best Pizza in the U.S.A.” at the World Pizza Championships. The pizzeria is located in Athens, Ohio. www.avalanchepizza.net .

Shagbark Seed and Milling Company is also located in Athens, Ohio. www.asfc.weebly.com/shagbark-seed–mill-co.html